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Technical translation service for specialist documents

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What is Technical Translation?

Technical Translation is the translation of specialized, scientific, technical, or sensitive documents. Being proficient in the language is not enough to perform technical translation. The translators must have a certain level of subject knowledge and a deep understanding of the terminology. Due to the nature of the job and the particular skillsets, knowledge, and experience required, good technical translators are harder to find, and therefore are more valued on the market.

Technical documents are not only difficult, but also sensitive in nature. For example, when translating legal or medical documents, the translator is dealing with the matters of life and death. Mistranslation in these cases can result in a lot of consequences for both the client and the translator. Similarly, marketing content also falls under the technical umbrella because it has high visibility and directly affects the image of the company. Financial documents are also categorized as technical due to the level of accuracy they require.

Overall, we can rely on the 3 following criteria to determine if a document falls into the Technical category or not:

  • The level of industry expertise it requires to understand and translate the document
  • The impact of the document on other people
  • The level of accuracy and professionalism the client wants to receive
professional technical translation service pTranslate

Here's why professionals love pTranslate

High quality

We offer top-industry quality thanks to a rigorous QA process and proper talent selection.

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We will match a translator or writer who has suitable industry expertise and linguistic skills to you.


We work with teams of project managers to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

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Technical Translation Service at pTranslate

Technical Translation takes more time and effort, and therefore is more expensive than Standard Translation. Moreover, it’s difficult to find a professional with suitable skillsets and qualifications to handle these translation projects. It’s easier and faster to find a trusted Language Service Provider instead, and pTranslate is exactly what you need. Our Technical Translators bring to you world-class translation services for technical, financial, legal, medical, and scientific documents at a competitive price and exceptional quality. We are a team of seasoned language experts with relevant industry expertise. Together, we will help you overcome the language barriers and connect with opportunities beyond all national borders.

How do we work? First, a qualified Technical Translator with expertise will carefully analyze the text. This translator is familiar with the terminologies and the concepts used in the field, allowing them to comprehend and translate them accurately, while still retaining the original style of the writing. This is 100% human translation. However, technical documents tend to be formulaic and repetitive, so we also seek assistance from translation technology, such as CAT tools, translation memory and glossaries to improve consistency and speed up the translation process while making no compromise to the overall quality.

After the translation is finished, we will have another language expert review it pre-delivery. By putting the translated text under a fresh pair of eyes, we reduce the error rate and increase accuracy, pushing the translation quality to an even higher level.

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Technical Translation Service For a Wide Range of Documents

pTranslate offers world-class translation service for a wide range of documents, including:

  • Legal papers
  • Medical reports
  • Marketing content
  • Technical manual guides
  • Travel listings
  • Engineering documents
  • Financial documents
  • Business plans/reports/proposals
  • Scientific papers/researches
  • Academic papers/thesis

Can’t find your type of document listed here? No worry! pTranslate is a flexible language service provider. We are willing to accept translation for almost any type of document. Contact us through our Contact Form, Messenger, or WhatsApp for any questions you have regarding the service. We will respond as soon as possible to give you a detailed answer. 

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Technical Translation Pricing


$0.11 / WORD


Expertise in all industries

pTranslate employs language professionals with relevant industry expertise to handle your projects

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Perfect for informal, personal, general documents, or documents with low jargon rate and non-technical, simple terminology. 

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$0.11 – $0.12  / word

Our Languages

Our business reaches every corner of the world, connecting all major languages on our planet



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And many more languages!


You can order with confidence knowing we consistently live up to our promise of quick turnaround times and great quality.

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Our Workflow

Our rigorous quality-control process raises the standards of the entire industry.

You deserve the highest quality at pTranslate.

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What you will receive at pTranslate

  • High-quality translation handled by language experts with relevant industry knowledge
  • Support all major languages of the world
  • Support certified translation and localization 
  • Human proofreading and editing
  • Machine-assisted proofreading and editing 
  • Formatting included
  • Closely followed your requirements 
  • Fast delivery
  • 1-year aftersales service
  • Competitive and reasonable price ($0.10 –  $0.14 / word)

You can focus on expanding your territory beyond all borders. Never worry about the language barriers again. pTranslate is here to help you reach your goals. With the help of hundreds of qualified, experienced, and talented translators, there’s no such thing as a “language barrier”. There’s only connectivity, interaction, and diversity.

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