• Perfect for informal, personal, general documents with non-technical, simple terminology
  • Handled by professional translators with relevant experience
  • Fast turnaround rate
  • Competitive pricing
  • End-to-end support


Basic translation services for your conversational, simple documents

standard translation service

What is Standard Translation?

Standard Translation is the translation of non-specialized, basic, conversational, and generic text. These documents aren’t hard to understand, and the translator doesn’t need industry expertise to handle them. Standard Translation is also known as “General Translation” or “Basic Translation“.

Standard Translation is an easier and simpler type of translation. It’s targeted at the general audience, so almost everyone can understand it. There’s a low frequency of jargon used in the text. The tone of voice is usually conversational, casual, and, most of the time, the content is written in simple language. Due to the low difficulty, these documents take a lot less time and effort to translate than Technical Documents and Literary Writings.


Here's why professionals love pTranslate

High quality

We offer top-industry quality thanks to a rigorous QA process and proper talent selection.

Industry expertise

We will match a translator or writer who has suitable industry expertise and linguistic skills to you.


We work with teams of project managers to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Aftersales support

We support our customers from the beginning to the very end to achieve high customer satisfaction.

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professional standard translation service pTranslate general translation basic tranaslation

Standard Translation Service at pTranslate

We still shouldn’t underestimate the difficulty of these documents. Mistakes and mistranslations can happen to any translation project. The need to communicate with people from different countries has grown in recent years, and mistranslation can damage your reputation, or cause terrible misunderstandings that can be costly to fix.

Fortunately, pTranslate is here to help you. We value your documents. pTranslate solves all of your translation demands, whether you want to translate a simple email, a letter, a proposal, a recorded conversation, or a non-fiction book that you wrote. We have professional, native language experts who will quickly and accurately translate your documents. Your translation will be 100% human. Machines only help the translators correct minor grammatical or typing mistakes they make along the way, and will have no involvement in the translation content.

After the translation is completed, we will have another language expert review, proofread, and edit the translation. By putting the translated text under a fresh pair of eyes, we reduce the error rate and increase accuracy, pushing the translation quality to an even higher level.

professional standard translation service pTranslate general translation basic tranaslation
professional standard translation service pTranslate

Standard Translation Service for a Wide Range of Documents

pTranslate offers world-class translation service for a wide range of documents, including:

  • Basic surveys and questionnaires
  • Emails
  • Handwritten letters
  • News articles
  • Magazines
  • Non-technical employee instructions
  • Non-technical social media content
  • Non-technical user manuals/guides
  • Personal documents
  • Reports
  • Simple product description
  • And many other non-technical documents!

Can’t find your type of document listed here? No worry! pTranslate is a flexible language service provider. We are willing to accept document translation for almost any type of document. Contact us through our Contact Form, Messenger or Whatsapp for any questions you have regarding the service. We will respond as soon as possible to give you a detailed answer. 

Standard Translation Pricing


$0.06 / WORD


Specialized Translation Services


Perfect for financial, legal, medical, technological, scientific documents as well as website localization

$0.10 – $0.14 / word


Perfect for books and eBooks of various genres, scripts, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and other types of literary writings.

$0.11 – $0.12 /word

Our Languages

Our business reaches every corner of the world, connecting all major languages on our planet



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professional Chinese translation service pTranslate best translation agency


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German translation service


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English to Indonesian translation


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Portuguese document translation service pTranslate


Russian to English translation English to Russian translation


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And many more languages!


Our Workflow

Our rigorous quality-control process raises the standards of the entire industry.

You deserve the highest quality at pTranslate.

translation quality assurance process


You can order with confidence knowing we consistently live up to our promise of quick turnaround times and great quality.

I am looking to expand my business to reach Arabic customers. The people at pTranslate helped me translate the product descriptions from English to Arabic. The service is good. Happy with the results.
Stephan S.
English to Arabic
Our company had employee manuals that needed to be translated into Spanish. I'm glad that I chose pTranslate. The cost is much less than having an in-house translator, and the quality is exceptional.
Garry M.
English to Spanish
Used their translation service from Japanese to English for my marketing campaign. I can see that they did very well with my emails, ad text and landing page text. pTranslate is really reliable.
Austin W.
Japanese to English

Expertise in all industries

pTranslate employs language professionals with relevant industry expertise to handle your projects

standard translation

What You Will Receive:

  • High-quality translation handled by language experts 
  • Translate into all major languages of the world
  • 100% human translation
  • Human proofreading and editing
  • Machine-assisted proofreading and editing 
  • Formatting included
  • Closely followed your requirements 
  • Fast delivery
  • 1-year aftersales service
  • Competitive and reasonable pricing ($0.06 –  $0.08 / word)

You can focus on expanding your territory beyond all borders. Never worry about the language barriers again. pTranslate is here to help you reach your goals. With the help of hundreds of qualified, experienced, and talented translators, there’s no such thing as a “language barrier”. There’s only connectivity, interaction, and diversity.

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