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pTranslate best insurance translation agency for international insurance companies

Professional Insurance Translation Service for International Insurance Companies

Insurance is the key to security and safety for you and your family. To businesses, insurance shields them from unwanted lawsuits and other unfortunate events. It allows us to focus on more important things in work and life.

Multinational and international insurance companies sometimes need to provide their services to foreign clients who don’t share the same language with them. It can be challenging to communicate and exchange information in such situations, and insurance companies need to partner up with a trusted Language Service Provider. Fortunately, pTranslate is exactly what they need.

pTranslate has developed a team of in-country translators with relevant skills and experience in insurance translation. Our professionals will take on your insurance document translation project. Not only will they bring their linguistic competence to the table but they will also leverage the knowledge and experience they built from years of working in either finance, healthcare, or any other related industry, to complete this task with the highest efficiency.

professional health insurance translation service pTranslate medical insurance

Professional Health Insurance Translation Services for Individuals and International Insurance Companies

Health Insurance covers the medical, surgical, prescription drug, and sometimes even dental expenses for individuals and families. It’s a great way to protect you and your family from unfortunate events. Businesses also want to find Health Insurance companies to provide their employees with affordable, flexible medical aid. In recent years, the demand for Health Insurance plans with wide coverage and flexible options have been increasing as concern for health safety rises. 

International insurance companies need to provide their services to a wide range of clients from countries around the world. Everyone wants security. In these situations, insurance companies need to partner up with a trusted translation agency to handle the translation demand from their international clients.

It’s not easy to translate Health Insurances. A wide range of skills is needed. The translators need to combine their language proficiency, their knowledge in healthcare, finance, and even law to properly translate these documents. Fortunately, having had years of experience in the translation industry, pTranslate has large healthcare and finance terminology databases, enabling speedy, accurate, consistent translation quality across all projects.

Documents that we cover:

  • Insurance Contract
  • Coverage Plans
  • Consent Forms
  • Patient Claim documents
  • Health history
  • Medical Questionnaires and Exams
professional health insurance translation service pTranslate medical insurance
pTranslate best insurance translation agency for international insurance companies

Professional Translation Service for Life Insurance

The future is unpredictable, no matter how hard you try to control your life. There will always be unexpected events that can turn your life upside down, so Life Insurance is a wise investment to protect yourself from a sudden illness or accident. The benefits that Life Insurance provides can bring you peace of mind, knowing that you, your family, and your business will be protected. Everyone wants security, from the locals to expatriates, from the natives to the international high net-worth individuals. When working with international customers, life insurance companies need to effectively translate their documents to the languages of their clients.

Fortunately, pTranslate has exactly what insurance businesses need to achieve success across all borders and beyond all language barriers. Our seasoned translators have handled hundreds of Life Insurance translation projects. If you want to translate your life insurance documents to and from Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, or any other language, pTranslate is here to help. 

Documents that we cover:

  • Insurance Contract
  • Coverage Plan Handbook
  • Consent Forms
  • Privacy Policy
  • Withdrawal Forms
pTranslate casualty insurance transaltion service liability translation service pTranslate

Professional Translation Services for Liability Insurance

Running a business is all about weighing and considering the risks involved. These risks can include property damage, employee bodily injury, lawsuit, reputational harm. For automobile owners, risks are all about accidents, faulty parts, and injuries. These all call for a Liability Insurance plan, and it’s the job of insurance companies to provide their clients with the security they’re seeking. 

When working with international customers, it can be challenging to exchange ideas and communicate due to the language gap. A lot of money is at stake, especially when large corporations are involved. If international insurance companies want to provide these large clients with a good Liability Insurance plan, they’ll need to find a good translation agency to help them translate all of the related documentation. 

Documents that we cover:

  • Insurance Contract
  • Coverage Plan Handbook
  • Consent Forms
  • Liability Proof
pTranslate casualty insurance transaltion service liability translation service pTranslate
pTranslate professional insurance translation service

Professional Translation Services for Fnancial Insurance

Financial insurance is frequently purchased by businesses to protect them from unwanted financial losses. For example, financial insurance can protect the policyholder if their business partner doesn’t deliver the contractual obligations. There are a wide variety of risks that these insurances can cover, such as credit risk or liquidity risks.

As globalization is accelerating, the demand for multilingual insurance services is also rising, and insurance companies have to adapt to this trend. When providing financial insurance services to large corporations with a multi-market presence, they will need to translate the insurance policies and various related documents to other languages. It’s when pTranslate’s language expertise comes in handy. Our world-class translators with strong and relevant backgrounds in finance will help policyholders and insurance companies translate all of their documents with speed, accuracy and efficiency.


Why do you need professional insurance translation services?

professional insurance translation service pTranslate best banking translation agency
  • Connect with businesses and individuals in need of a good insurance plan worldwide
  • Ensure the highest accuracy in the insurance policy translation
  • Ensure the highest level of mutual understanding in the process of insurance underwriting
  • Expand your insurance business to international regions by providing multilingual insurance application forms
  • Establish a sense of professionalism through the use of accurate, consistent, professional terminology in the translation
  • Minimize risks and loss with well-translated, proofread, and reviewed insurance documentations

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We offer highly competitive price for our insurance document translation services. A qualified translator will be selected to handle the project. Before delivery, your file will undergo a second round of proofreading and reviewing to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible.

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pTranslate accepts a wide range of documents

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  • Insurance Claim Forms
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  • Underwriting materials
  • Insurance Handbook
  • Medical Questionnaires and Exams for Healthcare Insurance

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