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Professional English – Greek translation service for you and your business

professional Greek translation service pTranslate

Leading English - Greek Translation Service Trusted by Businesses Worldwide.

At pTranslate, we understand that you need a highly professional language service provider to help you overcome the language barriers. You want to find a trusted translation agency to help you communicate and exchange ideas better in a Greek business environment, as well as convey your messages to your Greek customers, users and readers. You want to bridge the language gap, and you don’t want to settle for less. You want to find an excellent Greek translation service that can accurately convey all of the linguistic and cultural nuances in the content.

Look no further!

Understanding your demand, pTranslate has carefully selected the top talents in the translation – localization industry to provide you with exactly what you need. We formed a team of expert Greek translators who are all proficient users of the language. They will provide you with the language service you need. These translators usually go beyond your expectations, too.

Besides having an excellent command of the Greek language, they are also specialized in one or a few industries. This gives them the necessary exposure to the concepts and terminologies in those fields. This rich experience allows them to create precise, naturally-sounding, and professional translations for your documents.

pTranslate also lends our translators a hand. We provide them with cutting-edge technology to increase their speed, reduce their translation time, while still maintaining the same level of quality. During the translation process, we pair them with a project manager, a proofreader, and an editor to reduce errors and ensure that everything aligns with our and your standards.

professional Greek translation service pTranslate

Greek Translation Rate Per Word

pTranslate offers highly competitive rate per word for our Greek translation service

Standard Greek

Perfect for informal, personal, general documents, or documents with low jargon rate and non-technical, simple terminology.   

$0.07 / word 

Technical Greek

Perfect for business, financial, legal, medical, academic, scientific documents. Certified translation and localization services included.

$0.11 – $0.14 / word

Literary Greek

Perfect for books and eBooks of various genres, scripts, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and other types of literary writings.

$0.12 / word 


What's interesting about Greek?

professional Greek translation service pTranslate best translation agency

Greece has a fascinating history. It was the birthplace of democracy and Western philosophy. The earliest Greek philosophers, such as SócratesPlato, Aristoteles, and Hippocrates, have laid the foundation for many schools of thoughts centuries after. Greek mythology – a set of stories about Greek gods, goddesses, and heroes – also has a place in the world of arts. It’s safe to say that the Ancient Greeks have contributed to our world way more than we could possibly have imagined. 

However, all of those historical values could be lost due to the difference between modern Greek and ancient Greek. In order to ensure an accurate, high-quality Greek translation of your business, legal, technical, or academic research, you need to find a translator with suitable skills to handle the project. Moreover, Greek is a fairly structured language with clear rules, while English is more versatile. This demands the translator to have a firm grasp of the logic used in Greek to translate Greek content properly. 


Here's why professionals love pTranslate

High quality

We offer top-industry quality thanks to a rigorous QA process and proper talent selection.

Industry expertise

We will match a translator or writer who has suitable industry expertise and linguistic skills to you.


We work with teams of project managers to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Aftersales support

We provide end-to-end and 1-year post-completion support to ensure the highest satisfaction.


Navigate to our price calculator to get a quote for your Greek translation project, immediately! 

Or, you can try out our Free Trial translation service. We offer 500-word free trial for first-time buyers.

Greek Specialized Translation Services

pTranslate aims to provide excellent Greek Translation Service for all industries in need

professional Greek translation service

Greek Business Translation Service

Greece is among the world’s top tourist destination thanks to its rich history and culture. Besides, its geographic location also allows for a developed fishery industry. These are all main contributors to the country’s GDP. It is also the gateway to more than 100 million customers in the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Europe. Businesses worldwide can find a lot of opportunities in this market. 

pTranslate understands that, and we want to give businesses a helping hand by offering our business translation service in Greek – English. Our professional, native Greek translators can help you translate all business-related documents, email, marketing content, or financial reports flawlessly and professionally. 

professional Greek translation service
professional certified translation service

Greek Certified Translation Service

Certified translations are sometimes required for official purposes. When submitting your papers to universities, courts, or other governmental offices, you will be required to provide a certification from the translator who attests that their translation is accurate and complete. These translators are certified by translator associations, or by their professional peers. Certified translation is also known as “sworn translation”. 

The need for Greek certified translation is always there, so pTranslate has spent our time networking to form a team of high-quality Greek certified translators to help you satisfy this requirement. The translator will also specify that they have no relation, personal or otherwise, to the owner of the document. We are willing to provide free revisions within one year to ensure that everything is correct and up to standards.

Have a complex Greek translation project?

Sometimes you have a big or complex project that requires constant communication in the translation process. 

Feel free to tell us all of your requirements for the project. We want to make sure that everything meets your expectations.


professional Finnish localization service

Greek Software and Website Localization Service

Localization is not just about translating the content. It is also about making the content culturally and technologically appropriate. If you want to reach Greek customers and users, you have to localize your website, software, application, eLearning course, CRM, ERP, or game, so that Greek users can understand AND relate to it.

It’s not simple to reach this market, as there will be a lot of language barriers and cultural differences. We have to take into account a lot of factors when localizing a technological product to/from Greek, including cultural references, images, symbols, sense of humor, slangs, unit of measurement, font properties, sometimes even colors and numbers.  

However, pTranslate has assistance from experts who are well-equipped with both language capabilities and cultural intelligence. They will perform culture and language reviewing, content translation, GUI adaptation, and functional testing by using cutting-edge translation technology. Together, we will bring your innovations to the world!

professional Finnish localization service
professional Greek literature translation service pTranslate

Greek Literary Translation Service

Literature speaks to all souls. It is the highest use of written language to convey insights and inspire people for generations. And Greek is an interesting language in the literature world. The ancient Greeks were the pioneers in literature. They have created and named a lot of genres, such as epic, lyric, tragic, or prose history. They laid the foundation for modern literature and modern philosophy. 

pTranslate wants to help you bring your literary work, novel, memoir, or non-fiction to this cultured country. Our Greek literature translation service can bring your writings into the Greek market and reach high-potential customers in their language. With the help from pTranslate’s qualified and experienced Greek translators, your novels will sound like Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.


Simple ordering
for your Greek translation project

pTranslate has an efficient system that analyzes the linguistic aspects of your project, then automatically assigns it to a suitable team with relevant skills. All you have to do is upload the file, and wait for us to deliver it straight to your email.

translation quality assurance process

Explore our Languages

Besides professional Greek translation services, pTranslate also offers solutions in many other languages. 

If you want to translate your documents to multiple languages at the same time, pTranslate is here to help.

Greeek Translation Services FAQ

In case you’re wondering something, here’s our FAQ

We have 3 Pricing Plans: Standard, Technical, and Literary.

Standard Translation is for non-technical, simple, general, and personal documents.

Technical Translation is for more complex documents. They can be legal, medical, engineering, or marketing documents.

Literary Translation is exclusively for literary works.

If you’re not sure, just contact our support.

To place an order at pTranslate, please click on the “Order” button on the Menu.

You will be taken to an Order page where you can fill in your information, make the payment, and wait for it to be translated. It won’t take you long.

We have a 7-step Quality Control system to minimize error and maximize accuracy. The proofreading service is already included in all of our packages.

However, if you’d like an extra layer of quality assurance, just contact us, and we will assign you with another proofreader who can perform the task in a flash.


pTranslate has vast networks of translators who can effortlessly translate all of your documents that require high subject knowledge and industry expertise.

You can choose our Technical Translation package to receive that high-quality service.

Creating an account at pTranslate will help you with all of that.

When you create an account at pTranslate, you will gain access to our Private Message platform. From there, you can send messages to your translators for any questions/extra information you have regarding your project.

If the translator has something they want to ask you, they can also contact you there. For simple projects, our translators won’t ask you much. However, for complex projects, we might need to have some communication along the way. Our Private Message platform will be the bridge between the translator and you – the client.

After you create an account at pTranslate, just click on “Profile” on the Menu, click on “Message”, and type in whatever you want to say to your translator.

pTranslate will send you a message specifying the name of your translator.

You can enter the name of your translator in the Message form to send your messages to them.

We accept PayPal, credit card, and debit card. All of your information will be kept secured, of course.

Yes. We offer up to 1 year of free revisions for your projects. If you want to adjust something in your final translation, just contact us. We will immediately find another translator to check and revise your file. Free of charge.

Absolutely not! We are extremely transparent with our pricing.

professional Greek translation service pTranslate

Professional Greek Translation Service For a Wide Range of Documents

pTranslate offers professional Greek translation services for a wide range of documents in any format:

  • Greek travel listing and brochure
  • Greek website, mobile apps, games, and software
  • Greek certified documents
  • Greek advertising and media content
  • Greek financial reports
  • Greek market research
  • Greek scientific and academic research
  • Greek product descriptions and labels

What you will receive

  • Accurate translation by qualified professionals
  • Timely delivery
  • End-to-end support + 1-year aftersales free revisions
  • Cutting edge translation technology for improved quality
  • Competitive price

What are you waiting for?