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Professional email translation service for your business

professional email marketing translation service pTranslate

Leading Email Translation Service Trusted By Businesses Worldwide

We are living in a highly connected world. Globalization allows businesses to establish their presence in foreign countries much more easily, and along with that comes the need to communicate with customers in their native language, most commonly through email. It’s fast, convenient, effective, and scalable. When it comes to emailing international clients or customers, a professional email translation service is necessary.

pTranslate has exactly what you need. We want to be a part of your international success, and we can help you deliver multilingual customer experience with our world-class Language Service. Our team consists of top talents in the translation – localization industry who will handle your email translation demands. Whether you want to translate marketing campaign emails, technical support emails, transactional emails, or newsletters, we all have translators with relevant skills to help you.

professional email translation service for email marketing campaigns pTranslate

Excellent Email Translation Service For International Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a powerful method to reach potential customers, generate leads, and nurture those leads into conversions. However, the language barrier can be challenging to overcome. By translating your emails into Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and many other languages, you will be able to sell your products/services and expand your business to these high-potential markets, boosting international sales, improving customer experience, and growing brand awareness. In today’s interconnected business environment, it’s no longer an option, but a necessity.

pTranslate has exactly what your business needs. Our excellent email translation service will transform your customer support. We know that your customers want to understand what you have to offer. You have written engaging, captivating emails, now you can let pTranslate’s professional translators translate them into your customers’ native language, with absolutely nothing lost in translation. Your tone, style, enthusiasm, and other linguistic nuances will all be preserved.

professional email translation service for email marketing campaigns pTranslate
best newsletter translation service pTranslate best email translation agency

Newsletters Translation Service For Your eCommerce Store

Regularly sending newsletters to give your customers updates on your products and services is a crucial part of a successful email marketing campaign. Newsletters nurture the relationship between you and your customers. It’s a way to generate value for your customers, whether in the form of a blog post, a discount notification, a new product release, or simply a small giveaway to educate customers on your brand. However, when you have a global customer base, it can be challenging to connect with them due to the language difference.

It’s when you need the high-quality newsletters translation service at pTranslate.

With our carefully selected talents in the translation industry, your newsletters will be handled. pTranslate has vast networks of language experts, which allow us to handle high volumes of translation at a reasonable price. Our cultural experts will also bring their local knowledge to the table to ensure that your emails feel “just-like-home” to your customers.


Why do you need professional email translations?

professional email translation service pTranslate best translation agency
  • Connect with your global customers 
  • Improve customer experience 
  • Improve the relationship between you and potential customers
  • Establish a sense of professionalism. You have spent time creating an image of reliability and trustworthiness. It’s necessary to bring that image into your emails – the most popular communication channel you have. Great things are built from little details 
  • Increase your email marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Accurate translation of your emails ensure that your foreign customers and clients receive exactly what you want to deliver to them

Here's why professionals love pTranslate

High quality

We offer top-industry quality thanks to a rigorous QA process and proper talent selection.

Industry expertise

We will match a translator or writer who has suitable industry expertise and linguistic skills to you.


We work with teams of project managers to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Aftersales support

We provide end-to-end and 1-year post-completion support to ensure the highest satisfaction.

Email Translation Rate Per Word

pTranslate offers highly competitive rate per word for our email translation service

Email Translation Service

We offer the highest-quality email translation service with the help from top talents in the translation – localization industry. They will bring their language and culture knowledge into their work and create the most engaging, compelling, and accurate translation for your business needs.

$0.06 – $0.08 / word

Our Languages

Our business reaches every corner of the world, connecting all major languages on our planet



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Bulgarian translation


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German translation service


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English - Hebrew translation service


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English to Indonesian translation


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And many more languages!

Have a complex project?

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Simple ordering
for your email translation project

pTranslate has an efficient system that analyzes the linguistic aspects of your project, then automatically assigns it to a suitable team with relevant skills. All you have to do is upload the file, and wait for us to deliver it straight to your email.

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pTranslate translates a wide range of emails:

  • Customer support Emails
  • Transactional Emails
  • Cold Emails 
  • Marketing campaign Emails
  • Feedback & Review Emails
  • Business Emails
  • Promotional Emails
  • Informational Emails
  • Invitational Emails
  • Newsletters

What you will receive

  • Highly professional translation handled by language experts with relevant background
  • Formatted, edited, and double-checked
  • Incorporate cultural factors into the translation
  • Fast delivery
  • End-to-end support + 1-year aftersales revision
  • Competitive price

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