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Utility Patent Translation Service

Utility patents are extremely valuable because the holder can have exclusive commercial rights to their technology without having to afraid of being copied. However, the coverage of your patent is only valid in regions that use its language. In other words, if your patent is issued in the US, it will be valid in the UK or Canada, but not in Germany, France, Italy, and any other country where English is not an official language.

You’ll need a high-quality patent translation service if you plan to expand to other major markets with huge potential that don’t use English, such as China, India, or Germany. The language used in patents is complex, and it is even more so in patents of high-tech products. If you’re not someone with deep knowledge in the field of the patented technology, you won’t be able to understand its content, let alone translate it. Patent translation is an incredibly daunting task, and you need someone with deep expertise for it.

Fortunately, pTranslate can help you. We have years of successfully delivering top-notch patent translations for clients around the world. We understand your target audience, and we work to translate your sensitive, critical documents as clearly, concisely, and precisely as possible.

Patent Translation Service
For Filing vs. For Information

There are 2 main types of patent translation in general: patent translation for filing and patent translation for information

For Filing For Information
Purpose To be filed as official patents in foreign countries To work as evidence in court proceedings. Applied to already filed patents
Target Audience Legal professionals and patent officials Court officials
Portion translated 100% Only the relevant portions with necessary information for court proceedings
Translation Style Jargon is reduced. Short sentences with simple, non-technical, straightforward language are preferred. Certain adjustment and modification is allowed Literal translation of the content. Minimal to no adjustment allowed.
Translation Requirement Only certified translators are allowed to work on such projects Only certified translators are allowed to work on such projects
provisional patent translation service pTranslate

Provisional Patent Translation Service

Provisional patent is the “temporary” version of a utility patent. A provisional patent application does not get reviewed, but it still grants the inventor the “patent pending” status. Provisional patent applications follow a loose format, while nonprovisional patent applications have stricter requirements for their content. Due to this flexible nature, filing a provisional patent saves a lot of time and money. This is especially advantageous when the inventor needs to work on certain aspects of their product but still wants to obtain the “patented” status. Of course, provisional patents are valid for a much shorter period, typically within 1 year since the filing date.

pTranslate wants to help inventors, scientists, and bright-minded people in their journey of contributing to humanity. If you want to have your provisional patent application translated to foreign languages, we’re ready to help. We have vast networks of translators from diverse backgrounds. They will combine their industry expertise with their linguistic competence to help you bring your patents to other countries and establish your exclusive rights. pTranslate offers high-quality provisional patent translation services to a wide range of languages, including Chinese, German, French, Italian, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, and many more!

Simply upload your file and add some basic instructions for the project. Our translators will get down to work immediately and deliver your translation straight to your email.

provisional patent translation service pTranslate
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Design Patent Translation Service

A design patent is a little bit different from a utility patent. As the name suggests, design patents protect only the exterior design and the ornamental, visual appearance of the article. A famous example of this is the original curvy Coca-Cola bottle. Customers can instantly recognize the brand simply by looking at the bottle, so it makes sense why the company wants to protect the design. Design patents prevent other competitors from developing similar-looking items and exploit the high brand awareness of the patented company.

We understand the importance of patents in today’s highly competitive and saturated business environment. If you want to translate your design patents to other languages and protect your design across borders, pTranslate is here to help. Our translators are all familiar with the descriptive language used in design patents, and can effectively translate yours to the languages of your choice. The vast network of translators, the streamlined workflow, and the 7-step QA process that we implement ensure the highest level of accuracy and understandability possible for your design patents.

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Plant Patent Translation Service

A plant patent, as the title suggests, grants exclusive rights to the inventor of a new and unique plant. In the patent protection period, the inventor can profit from their discovery. The plant can be either be a completely new one, or an asexually reproduced one. A full, complete description of the new plant’s botanical properties is required in the patenting process.

Although it’s not as common as other types of patent, it’s still an interesting type of patent, and a challenging one to translate. If the inventor wants to patent their discovery in other countries, they will need to translate their patent application to the languages used in those regions. The technical language used in a plant patent can be challenging to comprehend and translate. A translator with strong expertise in Botany, Biology, Genetics, and other related fields is needed.

Fortunately, pTranslate is here to help. We have vast networks of translators who are ready to take on these daunting tasks. We will assign the ones with the most suitable skill set to handle your projects. Contact us for any questions that you have regarding your patents below. We’re ready to give you the most comprehensive consultation for your project.

professional plant patent translation service pTranslate

Why Do You Need Patent Translation Service?

pTranslate patent translation service
  • Establish the exclusive rights to your inventions, products, and designs on a global scale
  • Gain access to profitable opportunities in countries around the world
  • Protect your products from being copied by competitors, hence creating for yourself a competitive advantage for decades
  • Only professional, certified translators are allowed to take on such projects
  • Only professional translators have enough skills, knowledge, and experience to translate your patents
  • Professional translators are equipped with the necessary technologies to help them create the best translation for your patents
  • pTranslate’s streamlined workflow enables fast, efficient translations for higher accuracy at competitive pricing

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