Our QA Process

translation quality assurance process

pTranslate values the quality of the service we deliver

Quality is our number one priority when doing service. It is at the center of our workflow.

We establish a QA process to make sure that every customer receives the value they deserve. This process starts from the very beginning. We evaluate the project carefully before assigning it to translators and project managers that have suitable skillsets. Only those with relevant backgrounds can handle your documents.
When finished, the translated version will be passed to a team of reviewers and editors to proofread. By bringing a fresh pair of eyes into the workflow, we reduce the error rate to a minimum level.

Our editors not only spot grammatical and dictation errors, but also cultural errors. Cultural differences may cause a lot of consequences if not properly interpreted, and we have cultural experts who can prevent those. At pTranslate, we work to go beyond your expectations.

professional translation service pTranslate
professional translation service pTranslate

pTranslate analyzes your needs carefully and takes your requirements into consideration

Customer analysis is crucial to ensure that our customers receive exactly what they want.

We analyze the documents you provided before assigning them to any freelancers. Specifically, we will have a look at the content type, the industry, and the appropriate tone of voice to use. We will base this analysis on any style guide that you provide us along with the translated documents.

After that, we will choose the translators whose skillsets best match your requirements to handle the task. Your guides and requirements will also be transferred to the translator to help them have a rough idea of what you want with the project. In other words, we want to inherit your vision before we get down to work.

If you don’t have a style guide or have no particular requirements for the project, our translator will make an educated guess based on their own experience. However, we highly recommend that you provide the translators with a detailed guide, especially with large and complex projects, because this can reduce the risks of misunderstanding due to lack of information.

pTranslate raises the standards of translation services as a whole. We don't settle for less.

We don’t stop at the translating and writing stage. At pTranslate, we carry on to bring our quality to one more level. This is the ultimate step to make our service stand out from other competitors, while bringing the highest customer satisfaction to our customers.

100% human translators and writers are able to translate and express the ideas that machines struggle to understand. We are not yet technologically advanced to have 100% machine translation. However, humans make errors. There is a small error rate in any translated text due to a lot of reasons, but that’s exactly why our team of editors and proofreaders is here. They assist our translators and writers in double-checking, proofreading, and editing all errors before delivery.

The proofreading team will check the grammar, punctuation, and dictation of the text. After that, the editing team will check the wording, styling, and formatting so that the final version is what the clients had in their minds. Cultural experts also give a helping hand by checking all cultural nuances in the text that may be lost in translation. This step is crucial because it ensures that your translation speaks to the targeted readers on a cultural level. These experts will also eliminate all cultural offenses in the text that may bring troubles to your business.

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Welcome to pTranslate!

Your project is now complete! We will deliver your file through emails. Make sure that you check your inbox to receive the delivery. We believe that you received the service you deserve. pTranslate will always welcome you and your business.

You can review the final version and provide us with constructive feedback. Feedbacks allow us to look back and grow. If you become one of our major partners, we will write a case study for your company, and you’ll have a chance to be featured on our website.

Along with that, we can convert the file format to your request, free of charge! After the delivery, we even offer 1-year post-completion free revisions for you. Just contact us, and we will gladly go back on the project to fix any parts that you feel unsatisfied with. It’s all for the greater good.

pTranslate is not just an agency. It’s a place for you to enjoy the highest quality. Be professional. Be different. pTranslate!

Our Talents

Talent is the driving force of our company. Therefore, we work to acquire and retain only the best

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pTranslate selects only the highest quality freelancers

We select our translators and writers carefully through a series of tests. These tests are written by experienced experts to test the linguistic skills of translators. This is the standard of our company. Only translators who complete these tests with a high enough score can join our team. Good linguistic background is a must. Technical translators and writers have to provide other relevant qualifications that prove their backgrounds in the field.

Our reviewers also come from around the globe. This allows us to distribute finished work efficiently, quickly, 24/7 to them for quality checks. Based on their reviews, we will be able to assess the quality of our freelancers. Those who fail to achieve our quality standards will be demoted or dismissed from our team.

pTranslate allows for constant growth of our translators and writers

Freelancers don’t seek to stay idle at pTranslate. On the contrary, they have to constantly grow. Feedbacks from their reviewers help them see their strong and weak points clearly. Moreover, we offer rich learning resources in our blog to aid them on their journey. Our blog is mainly about international business, culture, language and communication. These topics are not directly related to the translation industry, but it gives our translators and writers more cultural intelligent, which will find its way into their work.

With our evaluation system, the translators and writers’ quality is always maintained at a good level, and will only increase in the long run. This translates into the quality of our service. We believe that employees are the strongest and biggest power of any agency, and nurturing this power is always a must. Overtime, these employees will bring us tremendous value.

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