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High-quality translation service for a wide range of machinery engineering documentation

professional engineering translation services pTranslate mechanical engineering translation

Professional Engineering Translation Service for Indutrial Equipment and Machinery

Mechanical engineering plays a critical role in modern society. Without this field, we wouldn’t have engines, generators, air conditioners, refrigerators, and thousands of other equipment that make our lives convenient and comfortable. There are a lot of things that go into the engineering of a machine or a system. Mechanical engineers from around the world have to work together and use their analytical knowledge to actualize a design into something functional and useful.

In the process, there will be huge volumes of technical documents written, in which essential procedures, safety measures, guidelines, and technical specifications are outlined. Engineers, operators, and workers must follow these rules to achieve the highest level of productivity and safety for themselves and others. However, in a diverse, multicultural, multilingual work environment, the language differences can be quite challenging to overcome. Similarly, when exporting mechanical products to foreign countries, manufacturers need to include user manuals written in the languages of their targeted countries to comply with the law and ensure that users understand exactly how to operate the machines. However, the level of subject knowledge required to translate technical documentation is extremely high, so not everyone can handle them.

Fortunately, pTranslate has the talents to do that. Our translators will bring their linguistic competence, subject knowledge, and cultural intelligence to the table to help you solve all of the problems mentioned above. We have developed a team of world-class translators who can quickly and effortlessly adapt your technical writings, user guides, and manuals to the languages of your users. Simply upload your file. We will help you do the rest of it all.

professional engineering translation services for industrial automation and robotics industry

Professional Translation Services for the Industrial Automation and Robotics Industry

Although a relatively new field, automation and robotics have contributed tremendously to the productivity of all industries it is applied to. Higher production rates, more efficient use of resources, better quality, precision, and improved safety are some of the biggest reasons why this field is so important and holds so much potential. 

Promoting the use of automation and robotics in all industries is necessary to improve overall productivity and cut down costs. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Machine Learning are all going to redefine the way we look at work and labor in general, and it is already happening at an increasing rate. To achieve worldwide success, robotics companies need to translate their technical documentation and localize their websites to the languages of their targeted markets. By going multilingual, automation companies are also able to connect with foreign investors and clients and establish a global presence much more easily. 

pTranslate offers cost-effective and high-quality translation services for all technical documents in the robotics and industrial automation industry. Our translators are not only proficient in the languages they translate but also familiar with the terminology of the automation field. That’s not to mention the cutting-edge translation technologies and real-time writing assistants that pTranslate equip our translators with to help them boost productivity to the highest level possible.

professional engineering translation services for industrial automation and robotics industry
professional marine engineering translation service pTranslate

Professional Engineering Translation Service for Watercraft and Marine Engineering

Before the invention of airplanes, water transport is the major means of global transportation. In the ever-growing globalized economy, sea freight is still one of the most competitive logistics methods for foreign trade compared to air, rail, or road transport due to the capacity for large volumes of cargo. Mega vessels that can carry huge amounts of goods up to thousands of containers at once have been built to meet the demand.

As a truly global industry, there are huge volumes of technical documents to be translated. Understanding the need for high-quality translations of marine engineering documents, pTranslate has recruited hundreds of translators with relevant backgrounds to help you. We translate user manuals, training materials, eLearning courses, safety guidance, and many other naval documents.

Our power lies in our laser-targeted talent selection. Our translators have all had experience and degrees in related fields, such as Engineering, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics. Their education allows them to comprehend and translate the highly technical terminology of marine engineering documents that you trusted us with. pTranslate will continue to bring global success to international watercraft engineering companies with our fast, efficient, and high-quality language solutions.

professional engineering translation services for medical device pTranslate medical device engineering translation agency

Professional Translation Services for Food Engineering and Agricultural Engineering Documents

Medical Devices are a fundamental part of Health Systems. It is when the Healthcare industry meets the Engineering industry. The value that these inventions contribute to our world has been tremendous. Without those inventions, we wouldn’t have been able to accurately, effectively, and quickly diagnose, treat, and prevent deadly illnesses and diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how much we still need technological advancements in the healthcare industry.

A great deal of investment went into researching, developing, regulating, planning, and distributing a medical innovation. Talents from all around the world have to come together to develop a new device. When working in such a diverse, multilingual environment, encountering language barriers is almost inevitable. In addition to that, many governmental bodies have strict technical documentation requirements for any medical devices being marketed and commercially distributed in the regions. All of these situations call for a professional medical device translation service.

Not anyone can handle such a complex translation project. The documents being translated are extremely sensitive as the lives of potentially thousands and millions of people are involved. Moreover, the level of subject knowledge required to comprehend medical devices documentation is high. The translators must have qualifications in Healthcare, Medicine, Engineering, and sometimes even Marketing to effectively translate those texts.

pTranslate acknowledges the strict requirements of medical device manufacturers. We have developed a team of professionals that can effectively adapt the technical documentation and marketing content of these medical devices to other languages. We implemented a 7-step QA process and a rigorous talent selection method to ensure the highest quality possible for our translations.

professional engineering translation services for medical device pTranslate medical device engineering translation agency

Why do you need professional Engineering translation services?

professional engineering translation services pTranslate mechanical engineering translation
  • Only professionals with previous experience in Engineering can properly understand and translate the complex terminology of the field
  • Professional translators are equipped with writing assistants and translation technology that enables fast, precise translation
  • Ensure the highest level of accuracy in your Engineering translation
  • Establish an image of professionalism with a well-translated, well-formatted, professionally delivered translation
  • Reduce the risks of misunderstanding and mistranslation
  • Connect with foreign clients, investors, researchers, and talented scientists who might not share the same language with you
  • Build a global community and find funding for your projects beyond the national borders
  • Gain access to technology, learning materials, and resources that is not available in your native language
  • Meet compliance requirements of markets you’re exporting to

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Mechanical Engineering Translation Pricing

We offer highly competitive price for our mechanical engineering document translation services. A qualified translator will be selected to handle the project. Before delivery, your file will undergo a second round of proofreading and reviewing to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible.

$0.11 – $0.14 / word

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pTranslate translates a wide range of documents

  • Industrial Equipment User Manuals
  • Engineering codes and standards
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Marketing Content for Medical Devices
  • Marketing Content for Industrial Machinery
  • Website Localization
  • eLearning and compliance training courses localization
  • Device Label and Packaging 
  • Procedures
  • Instruction For Use
  • Technical Drawings and Technical Specification
  • Contracts

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