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High-quality legal translation service for litigation support documents and arbitration documents

professional legal translation service for litigation and arbitration

What is the Litigation Process?

Litigation is the process of taking a case to court. It can be a lengthy, expensive, time-consuming, emotionally draining, and unpredictable method of dispute resolution compared to arbitration and mediation. Arbitration and mediation have become increasingly popular due to their simpler, faster, more confidential nature. However, for complex cases, litigation is still very much needed.

The litigation process starts with an incident. It can be a breach of contract, a violation of the law, or civil/commercial disputes. The parties involved seek legal support to help them settle the case. After gathering enough materials as evidence for the case, the plaintiff will file a complaint. The summons will then also be filed. The defendant will be notified of the lawsuit and they will be given a response date. Once the defendant has answered the complaint, the case is ready for formal discovery.

Formal discovery includes asking and responding to questions, providing extra evidentiary documents, taking depositions, etc. During this period, parties can make motions-formal requests that the court takes a specific action. After that, all parties will seek the settle the dispute. If the case is still not resolved, it will be brought to trial. Trials can last for weeks, months, sometimes even years. If one side is unhappy with the outcome or the jury’s decision, they can file for an appeal.

Arbitration and mediation are alternative dispute resolution methods. Arbitration is a private process where a third-party, impartial arbitrator hears the 2 sides and makes the final decision. The decision of an arbitrator can’t be appealed like the decision in litigation. Mediation is similar to arbitration, where a mediator is involved. However, the final decision is in the hands of the parties, not the mediator.

Our Litigation Support Translation Services

We translate a wide range of documents to support you in your international, multilingual litigations.

legal translation service for court evidence translation service pTranslate

Court Evidence Translation Service

Evidence is of crucial importance in any legal cases. Change the evidence and you change the law. Almost everything can be an evidence in court, from written documents, preprinted documents, emails, text messages, photographs, videos, to medical reports. All parties involved in the case have to carefully examine the contents of the evidence provided before the final judgement can be ruled. However, the examination process of the evidentiary documents can be hindered significantly if the materials provided are not in an unfamiliar language.

In international disputes, this is not uncommon, and they usually need to hire a translator to help them bridge the language gaps. Mistake in translation is unacceptable, as Law is a field that hinges on the wording. Misintepretation and mistranslation of one word or phrase is enough to divert the case to another direction. Due to the high sensitivity of these documents, only translators with experience, knowledge, and qualifcation in Law can take on the task.

pTranslate understands that you want to translate your critical documents in the most precise and accurate way possible. We have carefully vetted translators who have had proven records of delivering accurate translations for their clients in the past. To achieve the highest accuracy for your translation, pTranslate also equips them with real-time writing assistant, translation memory and other technologies. In addition to all of that, we also perform pre-delivery proofreading and reviewing to ensure that everything is accurately adapted to the language of your choice.

legal translation service for court evidence translation service pTranslate
professional business contract translation service pTranslate

Legal Translation Services for Business Contracts and Agreements

In commercial disputes such as claims for breach of contract, the parties involved need to present the contract as the basis for their arguments. The case will primarily revolve around this critical document. Linguistic nuances of the documents will be taken into consideration to decide the outcome of the case. However, in international disputes, the language differences pose significant challenges to parties who don’t speak the language used in the contracts.

In order to faciliate mutual understanding in both parties, a legal translator is usually called in to translate the contracts and/or agreements. Contracts and agreements are usually challenging and highly technical text filled with legal jargon and terminology. If a translator is not familiar with this kind of document, they won’t be able to understand it properly, let alone translate it to the languages requested. It is also crucial that the translator retain all of the nuances in the contract, as one single misinterpretation is enough to divert the entire case. Due to the sensitive nature of legal translation, only certified translators are allowed to take on the tasks.

pTranslate has vast networks of certified translators who can perform legal translation services for contracts and agreements to support your litigation process. We understand that it is your reputation, time, money, and a lot of other people involved, so we take this matter seriously. A 7-step QA process is implemented to ensure that the delivery is precise and stay true to the original version. All of your data and information will be kept confidential.

professional legal translation service pTranslate

Legal Translation Service for Pleadings, Complaints, Petitions, Legal Briefs, and other Litigation Support Documents

In the litigation process, there will be a lot of documents that need to be filed. For example, when a complaint (or petition) is filed by the plaintiff (the party suing) against the defendant (the party being sued), a lawsuit begins. The defendant can then file an answer to the plaintiff’s complaint. A counterclaim can also be filed by the defendant against the plaintiff, in which the defendant makes statements that the plaintiff has damaged the defendant in some ways. Later in the process, all parties can file pre-trial motions, such as Motion to Discover, in which one party seeks to gain information from the other party, or the Motion to Dismiss, in which the court is asked to dismiss the lawsuit.

It is a complicated process. When parties from multiple countries or regions with varied languages, things get even more complex. In these cases, interpreters and translators are usually called in to help the parties bridge the language difference.

As a reliable Language Service Provider who has successfully delivered precise, accurate, professional translations for many litigations in the past, we are confident in our ability to support your cases. Simply upload your legal papers to our system. We have an automatic system that assigns the most suitable translators to your project. We strive to be fast, simple, and efficient in our work.

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professional patent translation service pTranslate

Legal Translation Service of Patents for Patent Infringement Cases

In copyright infringement cases, one party will have to present their rightful ownership over the copyrighted and patented products. In cases where the patent is not available in the languages that the court uses, it is required that the inventor/patent holder translate this document to the languages of the court, or the other party. As the purpose of the project is strictly for information gathering, the translator is required to perform a “”literal” translation. Everything in the patent, from the wording, writing style, to the sentences structure, has to be preserved.

The level of linguistic control necessary for patent transalation is extremely high. Moreover, patents themselves contain highly technical and detailed description of innovations and inventions, and only experts in the field can truly comprehend and understand this type of content. Finding someone with both linguistic competence, legal knowledge, and technical expertise is not easy, and pTranslate understands your struggles.

However, that’s why we’re here. We want to help inventors, scientists, and patent holders in general protect their invention. If you find yourself in a copyright infringement case in a foregin country and need to translate your patents to the language in that region, you can trust pTranslate. We have a large team of professionals who have delivered successful translations to many clients in need. Equipped with cutting-edge translation technology and years of education in the field, they’ll be able to adapt your patents to the language you want and support you over your litigation process.

legal translation service pTranslate legal translation for domestic litigation

Legal Translation Service for Domestic Litigation

In matters of family law, domestic litigation is when a domestic matter is resolved through the court. The most common types of domestic litigation include divorce, fighting for spousal support, child custody, child support, property division, inheritance, etc. It can be a complex process to go through for all parties.

If you’re involved in a family dispute in which relevant and critical documents that can provide valuable information to your case are not in your native languages, you will need to find a legal translator to help you. By translating these documents, you’ll be able to find common grounds between the parties and help the court have an easier time making the final decision. We understand that these are all sensitive materials, and we take them seriously.

Only certified, experienced translators are allowed to work with us. They all have gone through our rigorous talent selection process to ensure that they have what it takes to comprehend and translate your documents. Before delivery, we will put your documents through a second round of proofreading and reviewing to ensure that it has been properly translated. We want to help you sort through the complexities of these legal cases, and you can always trust us.

legal translation service pTranslate legal translation for domestic litigation

Legal Translation Services for Litigation Documents in Many Law Areas

We have specialists in a wide range of law practice areas:


Why do you need professional legal translation?

legal translation service for court evidence pTranslate court evidence translation service
  • Provide valuable information, document, and data to support your stance in the lawsuit
  • Gain a better understanding of the contents of the documents that the other party provides
  • Only professional, certified legal translators with experience in the related area can comprehend and translate the documents
  • Only professional legal translators can preserve the nuances in your document, preventing misunderstanding and misinterpretation
  • Professional translators are equipped with the necessary tools to help them increase precision, accuracy, and consistency in the translation
  • It is legally required in some regions that the translation be performed by a certified, accredited translator, and you can find them at translation agencies like pTranslate
  • Professional translators minimize the legal risks and protect your reputation
  • Protect the valuable information and data in your documents, as all of our translators are bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

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