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High-quality legal translation service for business contracts, service agreements, policies, terms and conditions, bylaws, and more.

legal translation service for business contracts and agreements

Legal Translation Service for Business Contracts

Contracts are a must in any business transaction. It is a piece of document that outlines the agreed-upon terms between the parties involved in the transaction. The business relationship, rights, obligations, and scope of the work are specified in detail to protect both you and the client from potential conflicts and mitigates legal risks. Without contracts, the business world is going to be hectic and chaotic, as everyone can do whatever they want to do without any consequences.

In today’s highly globalized business environment, contracts are even more necessary. Sometimes, however, business partners don’t share the same language. When a contract is not written in the language of one of the parties involved, a legal contract translation service is needed. It is not easy to translate a contract. There are vast differences in the legal environment between the 2 countries, which can lead to differences in legal terminology and style. A legal translator must not only have linguistic competence but also a thorough understanding of international business law and regional law. A single mistake can lead to the disastrous consequences, and nobody want that.

Fortunately, pTranslate has the talents to help you. Our legal translators all have previous experience and qualifications in Law as well as years of linguistic training in the Legal Translation niche. They will adapt your business contracts and agreements to the languages of your choice with excellent accuracy and quality. pTranslate supports our translators with large databases of legal terminology, translation memory, and real-time writing assistants. All of these tools will boost their productivity, efficiency, and consistency in translation to the highest level possible. We also implement a 7-step pre-delivery QA Process to reduce the error rate to a minimal level for the translation before handing it back to you. Simply upload your file, add some basic information, and we will get to work immediately.

professional employee contract translation service legal contracts translation agency

Legal Translation Service for Service Agreements

An agreement is usually informal and is not enforceable by law, while contracts have more legal power. However, it is still necessary for both parties to follow the terms, rules, and other obligations specified in the agreement. In businesses, agreements are a common form of establishing a sense of trust before commencing any business activities. 

For international businesses, it is common to engage in business activities with clients and customers overseas. In these cases, they usually seek professional assistance from qualified translators who can translate their agreements to other languages. Not only will this bridge the language difference between them and their clients but it will also reduce the potential legal risks that both parties could have faced due to misunderstanding. 

A few examples of agreements that we translate:

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Partnership agreement
  • Indemnity agreement
  • Property lease and equipment lease
  • Employment agreement
  • Purchase order
  • License agreement
professional employee contract translation service legal contracts translation agency
professional legal translation service for business

Legal Translation Service for Business Bylaws, Resolutions, and Articles of Incorporation

It is legally required that businesses keep certain documents for future references. Some of the most important documents are bylaws and resolutions.

Simply put, bylaws set the standards and procedures for the operation of the business. Bylaws usually include basic corporation information, such as the required number of directors, officers, titles and responsibilities, the number of stock issued, how meetings will be held, and requirements for meetings. Resolutions are simply supplements to bylaws. They contain rules and regulations for more specific things in the operation of the business.

When a corporation consists of members from other countries, or speak multiple languages, it is necessary to translate these important documents to their languages, so that they can have a thorough understanding of the business they’re contributing to. pTranslate’s translators can totally help you if you find yourself in such a situation. We will give you a free, immediate quote for your translation once you upload your file. Once we have received the information and necessary files, our certified, experienced translators will adapt your critical documents to the languages you want within the specified deadline. We aim to be fast, simple, and professional.

professional legal translation service for terms of services

Legal Translation Service for Terms and Conditions, Policies & GDPR

Although people don’t even bother to read the lengthy Terms & Conditions, it is still crucial to expertly translate this text. It covers everything about your company, disclaiming your liabilities for future unfortunate events, protecting your intellectual rights, and most importantly, mitigating tons of legal risks. There can be also industry-specific regulations that you can refer to in your Terms and Conditions in order to be compliant with the law. In addition to all of those, Terms and Conditions is a must-have to establish your professionalism as a service provider.

As a business owner, you should consider translating your policies, Terms & Conditions, as well as other related documents to the languages of your user base. If your user base consists of people who use multiple languages, it is truly a smart investment. pTranslate enables you to reach international audiences by providing you with world-class translators who can professionally translate all of these highly technical texts to the languages of your choice.

professional legal translation service for terms of services
pTranslate professional legal translation service for business permits and licenses

Legal Translation Service for Permits and License

Permits and licenses are crucial for a business. You can’t pretty much do a lot of things if you don’t obtain these critical documents. For example, if you want to build or remodel a building for your business, you will need to check the local’s regulations and see if you need to obtain any permits to do that. Similarly, if you want to work in a foreign country, you might need to get a work permit. These are all proof of government authorization that you are eligible for the activities.

Everything can seem quite complicated at first. However, with pTranslate’s help, it will no longer be much of a hassle. Our professional sworn (certified) translators have been carefully selected for you. They will deliver world-class, fast, accurate translations of your business permits and licenses. Included with the translation is a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of the translator’s knowledge and ability. It’s this signed statement that is required by local authorities. And fortunately, pTranslate has what it takes to support you over the process.

Simply navigate to our Order page. Upload your file. Everything will be automatically calculated for you. We will get down to work immediately once you place the order.


Why Do You Need Legal Translation Service?

professional legal contract translation service pTranslate
  • Achieve the highest level of accuracy for your critical documents 
  • Establish an image of professionalism when working with international clients and business partners
  • Ensure that all parties understand and follow the terms specified in the documents
  • Mitigate legal risks 
  • Compliant with international and regional law
  • Establish clear terms, obligations, policies, and procedures in the languages of your clients
  • Only professional translators with qualifications, degrees, and experience in Law and Legal Translation can comprehend and properly translate these complex documents
  • Only professional translators are equipped with large enough databases of legal terminology to help them achieve consistency and precision across all contract translation projects

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We offer highly competitive price for legal translation services. A qualified translator will be selected to handle the project. Before delivery, your file will undergo a second round of proofreading and reviewing to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible.

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pTranslate translates a wide range of legal documents for business

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Business Contracts
  • Bylaws and Resolutions
  • Service Agreement
  • Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Patent and Intellectual Property Documents
  • Articles of Association
  • Insurance

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