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Professional translation service for engineering documents

pTranslate professional engineering services

Professional Translation Services for All Engineering Documents

We are living in a highly industrialized world. Applications of engineering knowledge can be found in almost any field, and even in the comforts of your own house! It’s safe to say that engineering is the foundation of the modern world.

Cross-border, cross-cultural communication is crucial in Engineering. As manufacturers and technology companies expand their territory to foreign markets, they’ll need to adapt their products to the languages of those markets to “connect” with their users. Moreover, companies are also diversifying their workforce by adding international employees to their teams. An international workforce is indeed powerful, but the language barriers can be quite challenging to overcome. All of the situations above call for high-quality translations of technical documentation.

There are strict requirements in the Engineering world. A minor mistake can lead to disastrous consequences, and nobody wants such things to happen to them. The Engineering terminology is also extremely complicated, and only people with previous hands-on experience in the related Engineering field can comprehend and translate those terms. In other words, Engineering translation requires a particular skill set that not many people possess, and it can be time-consuming to find and manage such people.

Fortunately, pTranslate is here. We have exactly what manufacturers need: a diverse team of in-country translators with years of experience in the translation and localization industry as well as the relevant Engineering fields. Equipped with our cutting-edge translation technology, glossary, and real-time writing assistants, they will quickly and effortlessly translate everything you need, at a truly competitive rate.

pTranslate professional engineering services

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High quality

We offer top-industry quality thanks to a rigorous QA process and proper talent selection.

Industry expertise

We will match a translator or writer who has suitable industry expertise and linguistic skills to you.


We work with teams of project managers to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Aftersales support

We provide end-to-end and 1-year post-completion support to ensure the highest satisfaction.

Our Engineering Translation Services

We offer high-quality Engineering Translation Service for a wide range of documents

professional user manual translation service pTranslate

Engineering Translation Services for User Manuals, User Guides, and Employee Instructions

User guides, also known as user manuals, are there to assist users and buyers in using, assembling, installing, and fixing a product, a machine, a gadget, an application, or even a service. User guides and manuals are a part of customer service. A well-translated user manual helps users know exactly what to and not to do, as well as quickly troubleshoot any problems that they might face when using the products. In regions with strict regulations such as the EU, it is legally required to include a user manual written in the official languages of the region. From a legal perspective, a comprehensive user manual reduces the risk of lawsuits significantly, too.

Employees also need to have instructions to know what their work entails. In Engineering, the work environment is fairly risky, especially to machine operators and controllers. Guidance and instructions need to be translated to the languages of the employees to ensure that they are aware of the risks involved in their work.

Therefore, manufacturers and companies need to partner up with a trusted and established Language Service Provider who can handle their translation projects. pTranslate is exactly what they need, as pTranslate has world-class talents in the industry. Our translators had qualifications in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and other related fields, which allows them to effectively translate all of your user manuals accurately and professionally.

professional technical packaging translation service pTranslate

Professional Label and Packaging Translation Services for Engineering Products

International manufacturers are required by law to accurately translate their labels and packaging into the local languages when entering the market. Well-translated packaging and labels provide buyers with the essential information they need to know when looking at the products. It’s not only about improving customer experience and brand awareness, but also about user safety and law compliance. 

Understanding this demand, pTranslate has selected the top talents in the translation industry to help you. We have:

  • Top-notch language experts with relevant subject knowledge to handle packaging translation projects in any industry, whether it is pharmaceutical, technical, engineering, or F&B packaging. We will assign the most suitable translators to you.
  • 7-step quality assurance for an error-free, high-quality deliverable
  • Culture experts with deep local knowledge will analyze your business plan to ensure that it is culturally, socially, and politically appropriate.
professional technical packaging translation service pTranslate

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professional car translation service pTranslate

Engineering Translation Services for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is global in many aspects. The Research & Development phase takes place in many countries with hundreds of researchers, scientists, engineers, and economists involved from countries around the world. Similarly, the manufacturing and distribution of automobiles also involve a lot of people who might not share the same language. To facilitate smooth communication and encourage constant exchange of ideas and information, a high-quality translation agency is needed.

It’s not easy to translate automotive documents. The level of knowledge required to comprehend the complex terminology in automobile documentation is incredibly high. Without previous experience in the car industry, the best thing that a translator can do is provide an educated guess of the term. Mistakes in the automotive industry, even the smallest ones, can potentially lead to disastrous consequences that will take a lot of time, effort, and money to fix.

It can be time-consuming to find translators with such a particular skill set. Having had years of experience in the translation industry, pTranslate understands your struggles. We have developed a team of hundreds of translators with previous experience in the car industry to handle your documents. pTranslate provides our translators with cutting-edge translation technology and an efficient workflow to boost their productivity, speed, and quality to the highest level possible.

professional avionics translation service

Aerospace Engineering Translation Services

Aviation is one of the most “global” industries. The world was no longer the same ever since the introduction of the first airplane in the 20th century. As the fastest transport method, air travel has contributed tremendously to all industries, bringing people, businesses, cultures, and countries together in so many ways that we couldn’t have imagined before.

As globalization accelerates, the demand for high-quality translation services of aerospace engineering documents also increases significantly. However, the language of aerospace engineering is highly technical. There is a lot of mathematics, physics, statistics, and engineering subject knowledge involved. Not everyone can comprehend such a high-level piece of content, let alone translating it professionally and accurately. pTranslate knows that it’s not that easy to find translators with such a particular skill set. However, as a reputable and established Language Service Provider, we have the connections to help you overcome all language barriers.

Our translators have successfully delivered hundreds of translations for aircraft manufacturing and MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) companies thanks to years of linguistic development in the translation industry, subject knowledge in the aviation industry, and cutting-edge translation technology. pTranslate supports our translators with large databases of aviation terminology, real-time writing assistant, as well as an efficient workflow to boost their productivity to the highest level.

professional avionics translation service
technical translation service engineering translation service pTranslate

Civil Engineering Translation Services

Civil engineering is a branch of Engineering that primarily deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings. In a way, it is the foundational discipline of the modern city. Without civil engineering, we wouldn’t have the roads, bridges, canals, airports, skyscrapers, railways, and the apartment that you’re staying in. The level of knowledge applied in every construction is immensely high.

Engineers have an agreed-upon “language” to communicate with each other, which is the blueprint. However, it is not enough. There are multiple sides involved in a construction project, and sometimes they don’t share the same language with each other. In Engineering, one single mistake is enough to ruin the entire project. Facilitating smooth communication between all parties involved while still maintaining a high level of precision and accuracy is not simple. A professional translator with experience in Construction and Engineering is needed in these cases.
Luckily, pTranslate has what it takes to help you. If you want to translate a Civil Engineering document, just upload it to pTranslate’s system. We will automatically find the best translator to take on your project. All you have to do is wait for it to be delivered straight to your email.

professional pharmaceutical translation service pTranslate

Chemial Engineering Translation Services

Chemical engineering is a diverse field with a wide range of applications in all industries. The number of chemical-based products in our modern world is significant: from the fuel we use to fire up our engines, the plastic bags, the laundry detergents, to the skincare products we apply to our face. There are currently a lot of ongoing researches in this field. Their main goals are to create better, more cost-effective synthesized products that solve the problems that society is facing.

Due to its high importance in our world, we need global cooperation to make advances in this field. When working with foreign scientists, investors, supporters, or sponsors, there will always be a language barrier that can be quite frustrating to overcome. Mutual understanding and efficient exchange of ideas are keys to scientific advancement in the chemical engineering field. This is when laboratories want to partner up with a trusted Language Service Provider to help them eliminate the language differences.

pTranslate is exactly the Language Service Provider that they need. We offer translation services for:

  • Biotechnology documentation
  • Petrochemical documentation
  • Pharmaceutical documentation
  • Food Engineering documentation
  • Agricultural Engineering documentation
professional pharmaceutical translation service pTranslate

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professional engineering translation services for industrial automation and robotics industry

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Translation Services

Mechanical engineering plays a critical role in modern society. Without this field, we wouldn’t have engines, generators, air conditioners, refrigerators, and thousands of other equipment that make our lives convenient and comfortable. There are a lot of things that go into the engineering of a machine or a system. Mechanical engineers from around the world have to work together and use their analytical knowledge to actualize a design into something functional and useful.

In the process, there will be huge volumes of technical documents written, in which essential procedures, safety measures, guidelines, and technical specifications are outlined. Engineers, operators, and workers must follow these rules to achieve the highest level of productivity and safety for themselves and others. However, in a diverse, multilingual work environment, the language differences can be quite challenging to overcome. When exporting mechanical products to foreign countries, manufacturers need to include user manuals written in the languages of their targeted countries to comply with the law and ensure that users understand exactly how to operate the machines. All of this calls for high-quality translation services.

Understanding that demand, pTranslate offers top-notch language solutions for:

  • Industrial equipment and machinery documentation
  • Automation documentation
  • Robotics documentation
  • Watercraft and marine engineering documentation
professional computer engineering translation service

Electronic and Electrical Engineering Translation Services

Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering is slightly different in the sense that the former refers to the engineering of gadgets that convert electrical energy into other forms of energy (for example, a toaster converts electrical energy into heat), while the latter refers to the engineering of gadgets that control the flow of electrons, the most notable being the computer. Both fields are of utmost importance in today’s world, and there are huge volumes of translations produced every single day.

Having successfully delivered hundreds of flawless translations to companies and manufacturers in need, pTranslate is confident to take on your project. Simply upload your file, add a few basic information, and we’re ready to go. 

pTranslate accepts a wide range of documents in many fields of Electrical Engineering:

  • Computer Engineering documentation
  • Household Appliances Engineering documentation
  • High-tech product documentation
  • Electrical devices documentation
  • Telecommunication documentation
professional computer engineering translation service

Our Engineering Translation Pricing

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Our Engineering Translation Service FAQ

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How do I know that the delivery is high-quality?

We have a 7-step QA system to ensure the highest quality possible for all of our translations. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Which industry do you accept for your Engineering Translation service?

We accept a wide range of industries for our Engineering translation service. If you can’t find your industry/niche listed above or written about on our website, feel free to contact us. We will recruit a translator with relevant experience for you, at absolutely no extra cost.

What if I want to add some requirements for my translation after I have placed the order? Who should I contact?

Creating an account at pTranslate can help you.


If you have an account at pTranslate, you will be able to talk to your translator. We will provide you with your translator’s username, which you can then use to send messages to them. 

What payment method do you accept?

pTranslate accepts:


  • PayPal
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What if I want a revision?

pTranslate allows for free revisions up to 1 year after our delivery.


How to create an account at pTranslate?

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Which file format do you accept?

Currently our system accepts .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx. 

If your file is not in this format, such as a CAD file, just contact us. We will convert the file and give you the quote.

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professional urban engineering translation service

Our Service

pTranslate offers professional Engineering translation for these documents:

  • Operating manual
  • Technical patent
  • Technical documentation
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Safety guidelines
  • Compliance training courses
  • Health and Safety training courses
  • Marketing content for engineering products
  • Technical Reports

What you will receive

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  • Competitive price (from only $0.06/word)

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