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Advertising, communication, and marketing translation is the field of translation of documents of non-direct communication activities between people and the mass media to bring information to the recipients of the information.

Because of the nature of marketing and promotion in these fields, translators must translate in an obvious and understandable way to reach many potential customers. In addition, the language of the translation should be close and appropriate to the culture and common speech of each country.

The Role Of Marketing In Today' Life

Marketing is now considered one of the key industries that companies and businesses need to focus on. Marketing is a bridge between businesses and customers, helping businesses approach customers, as well as help companies create a good image in the minds of customers. The right marketing strategy is the key to the success of many businesses today.

Along with the global economic development, many businesses want to expand their scale to a new country. It is when these marketing activities are even more important. Marketing translation activities are promoted to remove language barriers, help businesses better understand the local market, and as well as local customers understand the company better.

What Is Marketing Translation?

Marketing translation is like most other specialties. It is the transfer from the original language to the target language that the person needs. 


Specialized Marketing translation includes the translation of many marketing issues such as Marketing plans, market research papers, product-related documents, or media publications… For multinational companies or companies and corporations that want to enter a new local market, translation is extremely important.

3. Documents That Need Marketing Translation

Marketing is a very broad industry. It ranges from market research activities to create a product, going through the steps of pricing and determining distribution channels to communication to make the product known to more people. In this process, there will be a lot of documents that need a specialized translation. Some documents that need marketing translation are:

  • Documents about market research, multinational companies often have to use translation to be able to understand these documents when they want to penetrate a new local market.
  • Product manuals.
  • Documents related to the marketing plan
  • Documents related to offline communication activities such as leaflets, advertising publications, sales catalogs… or documents posted on the website, documents in the form of videos and images

4. Requirements And Tips When Doing Marketing Translation

4.1. Requirements

Marketing translation requires a lot of translators because this specialty plays a very important role in the trading process, directly affecting the image of the business as well as the development of the business. When translating this specialty, the translator needs to meet the following requirements:

  1. Correct and accurate translation: the requirement for correct and accurate translation is applicable to any major, not just Marketing. The correct translation of words and semantics is a mandatory requirement, the content in the translation must be really clear, easy to understand, and easy to read, and the sentences must be close and suitable to the native culture of that language.
  2. Extensive knowledge in the field of Marketing: Marketing also has a lot of specialized terms and words, so when translating, translators need to cultivate more knowledge about this specialty.
  3. Multilingual: Multilingual documents will be used by more people in the future and the same goes for marketing majors. This is one of the important factors promoting global trade and cooperation in the current globalization process.

Most marketing major translation requirements are not too different from other majors. When translating this specialty, translators need to understand these requirements to ensure the best quality translation.

4.2. Tips To Do Marketing Translation

Define target audience

The first step is to define the scope of the project and the target audience of the advertising/communication/marketing translated text. Note that the translated text should reflect the habits, tastes, and lifestyles of a certain group of people. If you choose a “global” language translation, you may save money, but that may be seen as too general and ineffective. From there, you can further determine whether the communication of the original document is formal or informal and whether the translated content should reflect the style of the original language or be vernacular.

Consider culturally specific aspects of the source material

The original text may contain images, phrases, or concepts for which there are no equivalent terms or concepts in other countries, such as some sports images, and metaphorical expressions. Therefore, before starting to translate, you should find out and agree with the client requesting translation on this issue to have consistency in the advertising/communication/marketing translation.

Consult external knowledge or translate customers

To get a good advertising/communication/marketing translation, you need to understand the purpose of the original document in that field, the target audience as well as the preferred style. Therefore, in order to understand the message that needs to be conveyed correctly, you should learn the product/service being advertised in that document from many different sources, even your translation customer gets the information. interpreting the local style of the original document can be found.

Pay attention when translating symbols and slogans:

Language is subjective and when it comes to marketing or artistic writing the reactions can be very pronounced. Therefore, when translating documents in this field, you should find a suitable expression with promotional symbols and titles so that the text can convey the correct message to potential audiences. can come from reading and learning about the style of both languages ​​as well as translated advertising texts from the multitude of products and services that appear everywhere.


In order to translate good advertising, communication, or marketing text, you will probably need to equip yourself with knowledge of these areas as well as translation skills so that the translated text retains the spirit of the promotion of the company. the original text, depending on the recipient of the information, the wording is also very different. Hopefully, after this article, you will have more experience before embarking on translating a Marketing document!

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