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High-quality translation service for a wide range of documents in the car manufacturing industry

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Professional Translation Service for the Automobile Industry

The automotive industry is global in many aspects. The Research & Development phase takes place in many countries with hundreds of researchers, scientists, engineers, and economists involved from countries around the world. Similarly, the manufacturing and distribution of automobiles also involve a lot of people who might not share the same language. To facilitate smooth communication and encourage constant exchange of ideas and information, a high-quality translation agency is needed.

It’s not easy to translate automotive documents. The level of knowledge required to comprehend the complex terminology in automobile documentation is incredibly high. Without previous experience in the car industry, the best thing that a translator can do is provide an educated guess of the term. Mistakes in the automotive industry, even the smallest ones, can potentially lead to disastrous consequences that will take a lot of time, effort, and money to fix.

It can be time-consuming to find translators with such a particular skill set. Having had years of experience in the translation industry, pTranslate understands your struggles. We have developed a team of hundreds of translators with previous experience in the car industry to handle your documents. pTranslate provides our translators with cutting-edge translation technology and an efficient workflow to boost their productivity, speed, and quality to the highest level possible.

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Automotive Translation Service with SAE J250 QA System Used By Car Manufacturers Worldwide

SAE J2450 is a tool that automakers and manufacturers employ to evaluate the translation quality of automotive documentation. It is a relatively simple metric. There are 7 criteria to grade: wrong term, syntactic error, omission, word structure/agreement error, misspelling, punctuation error, and miscellaneous error. The analyst will check and give a numeric score baed on the severity level of each critieria.

The SAE J2450 was developed in 2001. It has undergone several changes to improve the evaluation quality to be what it is today. Many Translation Service Providers adopt this practice to judge the quality of car translation. A lot of automobile manufacturers also use J2450 to ensure that their translations are up to standards.

pTranslate wants to push the quality of our translation services to the highest level possible, and it stands to reason that we also use the J2450 metric for pre-delivery assessment. Our process is streamlined to make sure that everything happens as smoothly as possible while making no compromise to the overall quality.

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professional automobile translation service pTranslate

Safety Documentation Translation Service for the Car Industry

Safety is a must in any industry, but it is especially important in the car industry. There are up to 1.4 billion operational cars worldwide, which is about 18% of the world population. Without a holistic QA process implemented, the cars produced and distributed will not meet the technical requirements, which can potentially result in unwanted lawsuits. There are a lot of tests that a car has to go through, includng crash testing, noise testing, environmental impact testing, and many more. Safety reports and documents are necessary to help you stay compliant with the law. In addition to that, there can be a wide range of risks involved when working in a car manufacturer. Car engineers all have to be aware of hazardous substances and risks of bodily injuries in the workplace. It is necessary to educate workers in a car manufacturing plant on the hazards of their work environment.

In a diverse, multilingual, multicultural work environment, it can be challenging to convey a unified message about safety. In these cases, car manufacturers need a professional automobile translation agency to help them translate their safety documentation.

Fortunately, pTranslate is exactly what they need. Simply upload your file to our system. It will automatically calculate and give you a quote within seconds. The order starts immediately as soon as you click “Order”, and a translator with highly relevant industry expertise will take on your project.


Why do you need professional automobile translation services?

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  • Only professionals with previous experience in Engineering can properly understand and translate the complex terminology of the automotive industry
  • Professional translators are equipped with writing assistants and translation technology that enables fast, precise translation
  • Ensure the highest level of accuracy in your automotive translation
  • Establish an image of professionalism with a well-translated, well-formatted, professionally delivered translation
  • Reduce the risks of misunderstanding and mistranslation
  • Connect with foreign clients, investors, researchers, and talented scientists who might not share the same language with you
  • Achieve the translation quality required by many large car manufacturers worldwide
  • Gain access to technology, learning materials, and resources that is not available in your native language

Here's why professionals love pTranslate

High quality

We offer top-industry quality thanks to a rigorous QA process and proper talent selection.

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We will match a translator or writer who has suitable industry expertise and linguistic skills to you.


We work with teams of project managers to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Aftersales support

We provide end-to-end and 1-year post-completion support to ensure the highest satisfaction.

Car Engineering Translation Rate Per Word

pTranslate offers highly competitive rate per word for our automotive translation service 

Automobile Translation Pricing

We offer highly competitive price for our automotive engineering document translation services. A qualified translator will be selected to handle the project. Before delivery, your file will undergo a second round of proofreading and reviewing to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible.

$0.11 – $0.14 / word

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pTranslate has an efficient system that analyzes the linguistic aspects of your project, then automatically assigns it to a suitable team with relevant skills. All you have to do is upload the file, and wait for us to deliver it straight to your email.

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pTranslate translates a wide range of documents

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  • Safety guidelines for mechanics and factory workers
  • Manufacturing processes
  • User manuals
  • Marketing material
  • Product specification
  • Employee instructions and training courses
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